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Rock's Bar-B-Que Stoker Give Away Contest

All of the essays that were turned in were worhty but only three were chosen to be winners in our contest. The three essays we chose are below. Congradulations to our winners and to the rest... keep your eyes open for our next contest.

- rock

In this fast paced world, The Stoker allows those “on the go” the chance to enjoy the rewards of slow cooked BBQ. With the ability to monitor your smoker via the Internet, you can even speed up or delay the finishing time if you will be early or late getting home. The Stoker also allows you to spend more quality time with family and friends, confident that your smoker will maintain the proper temperature. With The Stoker, technology tastes great! - Todd Dolbeer, WSM

I am getting old; more specifically old, fat, and lazy.  My days of staying up all night drinking and minding the pit are slipping into the past.  I now realize the value of today’s technology that minds the pit, allowing you to sleep.  I fear that if I do not adopt this technology bbq sleep deprivation will take from me the one thing I have left, my good looks.  Once the looks are gone, the skills will likely deteriorate as well.  This picture is becoming too grim to continue.  Help - Charlie Hammond Prairie Village, KS BackWoods FatBoy.

Technology has no place in barbecue!  Barbecue isn’t authentic when cooked in mass-produced cookers, controlled by electronic gadgets.  You can only get authentic barbecue by cooking in an open pit, over a wood fire, controlled only by the human eye and nose. And the wood has to be hand sawed – use a chain saw, “it ain’t ‘cue”.  Light the fire with a match or a lighter – “it ain’t ‘cue”.  If the pig wasn’t raised in a hand-built pen, “it ain’t ‘cue”.  And if the cook wasn’t born within 25 miles of Kansas City, Memphis, Lexington, or in Texas... Larry Davis - WSM

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