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Getting Started

The Stoker system allows you to better regulate the temperature of your cooker. The Stoker reads the temperature of the pit sensor and turns the blower on and off to control the supply of air to the fuel in the cooker. This is known as "stoking" the fire.

We also offer food probes which are used to monitor internal food temperatures without opening your cooker. Opening and closing your cooker can cause fluctuations in pit temperatures.

The "cool" thing about the Stoker is its versatility. The Stoker has WiFi built in so it can be connected to your home computer network. You can control your Stoker from your computer or other network capable devices. Are you a Twitter user? The Stoker also has Twitter built in so you can have status updates and alarms tweeted to your account.

You can use our Compatibility Guide to determine the correct blower size and blower adapter for your cooker. For every cooker you plan on operating, you will need one blower and one pit sensor. Food probes are optional, but very helpful. Additional ports can be added to accomodate more devices. Below are some configuration examples.

Stoker Stoker Stoker Stoker Stoker
Larger cookers require larger blowers we off blowers to fit most cookers.
A blower adapter is required to mount the blower to your cooker.
Food temperature probes are used to monitor the temperature of your food as it cooks.
The blower controls the air supply to the fuel in your cooker.
The pit sensor is the main temperature sensor used to control your cooker.