Rock's BarBQue

Aunt Clara is Mrs. Rocks great Aunt. Over 25 years ago Mrs Rock insisted I not miss a family event when Aunt Clara visited. Mrs. Rock had convinced me she was not going to be around forever. After all She was 76 years young at the time . Well I went and had "Aunt Clara's Baked Beans" and have not wanted to miss the chance to eat them again. Aunt Clara is now 101 years old and until recently insisted on helping her Gardner because he just could not get her flowers trimmed the way Aunt Clara wanted. Enjoy !

Clara's Beans

My sister Juli makes my favorite Potato Salad. She had a rough start learning to cook though. I remember when my Mother was teaching Juli to make Spaghetti when she was 8 or 9 years old. My Mother left the kitchen for a moment after she told Juli to add the Sauce to the Pasta. Well somewhere  some directions got lost. Juli added the Sauce  before the water was drained from the cooking Pasta. We had a sort of Spaghetti soup that night. Juli would not give me this recipe unless I said this story wasn't true, so... I made the whole thing up.... Here is the recipe...Enjoy

Jili's Potato Salad

Mrs. Rock never really liked the "Blue Box" Mac and Cheese. We always wondered how they make that cheese powder. So our children grew up on Mrs. Rock's Mac and Cheese . Our children are in college now. The other day one of there childhood friends stopped by to see if Mrs. Rock happened to be making any of that "Mac & Cheese, that doesn't come out of a box". Mrs. Rock's mission in life is to make sure you have had something to eat , so she was happy to make some. Enjoy !

Doesn't look like food

 I love Onions, and I love Pulled Pork, but how do you inject Onions into a Pork Butt or Shoulder? Well you can't actually inject the Onion, but you can get good Onion flavor. Use this as a base fluid for injecting.  I use Apple Juice and Chicken Stock, you could use all Apple Juice (sweeter) or you could use Apple Juice and water. Add your favorite Spices for your tastes. You don't want the Onions to brown!!!

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