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Lose your grill brush?, or is it just to cruddy to use? Crumple up some aluminum foil in a loose ball and use it to clean the grill then just throw it
away (or recycle).
OK so you have a little more build up then you can get off with the foil. Once in a while you just have to break down and give your grills a good cleaning. Here is another method I use when the grill needs a good cleaning. I bought a water heater pan from Orchard Supply Hardware. more.
Grill Cleaning
Building a Long Burning Fire
The trick to building a long burning fire is arranging the fuel (Briquettes or Lump) so that it continues to feed itself without going out before all the fuel is burned. With Charcoal Briquettes being uniformaly in size  you just load your firebox with as many Briquettes as you can. If you use a torch to light your fire you can light the top until you get 10 or so Briquettes lit pretty good. -more-
Lump loaded
A water pan is a good, but not efficient way to regulate the temperature of your cooker. The water helps maintain a lower temperature, but burns more fuel. A lot of the energy that it takes to keep the water boiling is wasted in steam. Some say that the water keeps the food moist. I don't know about that. I have had boiled meat that tasted dried out. Try this instead of a water pan. more
Waterpan Alternative

The most important thing in rubs, as with all of cooking is getting the best freshest ingredients you can get. The problem with spices is they lose there flavor pretty quickly. You want to avoid buying more of one spice then your going to use in the next couple months. The best way to tell how fresh your spices are is taste them! Taste them when they are fresh and you taste an intensity that is just not there after they sit for months. more

5 Spices
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