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Some Barbeque Info I Think Should Be Published...You Decide!

One of my favorite places to do Barbecue research is the Big Green Egg Forum. I read the BGE forum regularly and usually the first thing I look for is posts by Rick's Tropical Delight. Rick is a fantastic cook, photographer and wordsmith. I have tried several of Rick's creations and they have been excellent. Rick has been kind enough to let me post some of his recipes and pictures. If you do get a chance to try and like these recipes stop by the BGE forum and give Rick some props. enjoy!

I have enjoyed Barbeque since I was 5 or 6 when My dad and Uncle Duey cooked a roast on the rotisserie for hours over charcoal and wood . My dad cut me a piece of`"bark" off the roast, I ate it, loved it, and have been trying to master Barbecue ever since. Here are some of the Barbecue tips that I have collected over the years.
Grill Cleaning
That is "Rock's Science" not to be confused with "Rocket Science". I believe Barbecue is is mostly an art. The science that we will explore is not going to be much more then "fire is hot" so don't get intimidated. We have some cookers that we characterized and will be posting the results as we put them together.


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