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White Box Stoker

Firmware Upgrades


Rock's Bar-B-Que offers free firmware upgrades to Stoker owners. Send your Stoker with $12 to cover return shipping. Please include contact informationa and a return shipping address in the package. (please contact us for international shipping costs if applicable)


You can also upgrade the Stoker yourself following the instuctions below. There is a small chance that the upgrade procedure will fail. We recommend sending in the Stoker for the upgrade if the upgrade process seems difficult.


Firmware Upgrade instructions


Use the upgrade package below to upgrade WHITE BOX STOKERS to the current firmware revision. is the latest version of the Stoker Firmware for both WHITE BOX STOKERS and 1st GENERATION WiFi STOKERS. This version of firmware has WiFi related portions of the menu that are only functional on 1st GENERATION WiFi STOKERS. (WHITE BOX STOKERS do not have built in WiFi Capabilities) To upgrade follow the steps below. Upgrades for WHITE BOX STOKERS and 1st GENERATION WiFi STOKERS must be done on a Windows computer.

1) Download the firmware from the link provided. >>> Firmware Version

2)Open the file in the release package named "upgrade". You should be prompted to extract the files. Extract the files. Again select the file named "upgrade".

3) A Black Dos window should pop up. Enter the IP address of the Stoker and hit enter. (leave out leading zeros for example should be entered as


At this point the firmware upgrade process has started. DO NOT POWER DOWN THE STOKER OR DISCONNECT THE ETHERNET CABLE DURING THE UPGRADE PROCESS!. When complete the black Dos window should say "Press any key to continue . . ." The upgrade is complete.


If you have a Stoker with version .5 firmware you will need to upgrade using this package first.

>>> Firmware Version 2.x.x