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Water Pan Alternative

A water pan is a good, but not efficient way to regulate the temperature of your cooker. The water helps maintain a lower temperature, but burns more fuel. A lot of the energy that it takes to keep the water boiling is wasted in steam. Some say that the water keeps the food moist. I don't know about that. I have had boiled meat that tasted dried out. Try this instead of a water pan. I have been using this setup and it has been working good for me. Orchard Supply Hardware sells a clay pot base (EV 36 Made in Italy) that does double duty. It works as a an indirect cooking divider, and a drip pan. Cover with foil for easy cleanup (I use 2 layers). The one pictured is in my Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM). I also use it in  my 30 year old Earthenware Kamado..

Clay Dish

water pan alternative

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