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Operators Manuals

The Stoker has shipped with 2 versions of Software. Version .5 was shipped from May 2006 to February 2007. Version 2.0 is in all systems shipped after February 27 2007.

Stoker Operator Manual Version .5 (PDF)

Stoker Operators Manual Version 2.0 (PDF)


Helpfull Documents

This Document expains how to use your Stoker over the internet

Stoker internet configuration guide

Software Upgrades

Rock's BarBQue offers free software upgrades to Stoker owners. There are 2 ways to do it. You can send your Stoker back to Rock's Barbque with $10 to cover shipping. Your Stoker will be upgraded and sent back within 2 days of receipt.

You can also upgrade the Stoker yourself using the upgrade file below. There is a small chance that the upgrade procedure will fail. Try not to do this right before an important cook. If you are unsuccessfull at upgrading the Stoker you will have to send it back to Rock's BarBQue to have the software re-installed. The zip file contains the software, installation instructions and release notes. This may be a bit advanced for novice computer users. You can download the readme .txt file to see if it looks like something you would be comfortable doing.

Stoker Software Version 2.0 Upgrade Release Package

If you ordered new Temperature Sensors and need the new software this is the download required.

Stoker Software Version 2.1.3 Upgrade Release Package


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