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Frequently Asked Questions

Q . How come my blower does not come on ?

A . First you must assign your blower to be controlled by a particular Sensor. Choose the Sensor you want to control the blower (usually Sensor 1 unless you have renamed it) Scroll through the Sensor menu to "Blower" select the blower desired. An " * " will now be next to the blower selected. Scroll to the target temp and set to the temperature you would like to cook at. Now your Stoker will control your cooker at the desired set point.

Q . What are my probe calibration numbers and how do I calibrate my probes?

A . The first several thousand probes we shipped with the silver plug handle had a calibration number of 37 or 38. The probes we ship now with white handle and LED's in side have a calibration number of 34. Calibration procedure : Put the probe in boiling water not touching the pan edges. Adjust your calibration number up or down 1 for each degree the Stoker is off. ie if your calibration number is 34 and you measure 210 you should raise your cal number to 36. This is if you are at sea level where water boils at 212. Adjust for your altitude accordingly.

Q . Where is the best place to put the Pit Temperature Sensors ?

A . Attach it to the grate where your food is. Place it about an inch from the food with no food directly above or below it if possible.

Q . How do I use Twitter to get updates from my cooker?

A . First go to and crete an account. With the Stoker connected to your network obtain the ip address of your Stoker and add /twitter.html to the end of it ie: On the page the Stoker serves enter the username and password that you used to sign on twitter, and the interval you would like to be tweeted


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