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Grill Cleaning

Lose your grill brush?, or is it just to cruddy to use? Crumple up some aluminum foil in a loose ball and use it to clean the grill then just throw it away (or recycle). OK so you have a little more build up then you can get off with the foil. Once in a while you just have to break down and give your grills a good cleaning. Here is another method I use when the grill needs a good cleaning. I bought a water heater pan from Orchard Supply Hardware. It has a PVC fitting on the side that you must by a PVC plug for. Most of my barbecue grills are round so they fit nicelly in the pan. I use Simple Green 50/50 with water and soak them overnight. The next day I scrub them with a deck cleaning brush and the crud comes off pretty easy.

Pan PlugGrill Cleaning

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