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The most important thing in rubs, as with all of cooking is getting the best freshest ingredients you can get. The problem with spices is they lose there flavor pretty quickly. You want to avoid buying more of one spice then your going to use in the next couple months. The best way to tell how fresh your spices are is taste them! Taste them when they are fresh and you taste an intensity that is just not there after they sit for months. You can use spices that are older, you may just have to use more. This is one of the reasons I don't mix my rub ingredients together. I am not against using mixed rubs, how ever some of them can be on the costly side and I have bought rubs that were not to my taste. Buying individual spices will allow you to develop a taste for each one and allow you to get just the taste you want.  Here is how I apply the spices to my Pork Ribs. Start by sprinkling them with Kosher Salt. After a few minutes the meat starts to give off moisture. Perfect!, something for the rest of my spices to stick to. Next I grind fresh black pepper over the meat. I sprinkle 2 kinds of Hungarian Paprika on,  one is sweet the other is hot. I use more sweet Paprika  for color and a smaller amount of hot Paprika for heat. I tried using all hot once and the color was good but it was to HOT. Last I sprinkle a good amount of raw sugar on. I find that when I put my rub on ingredient by ingredient without mixing them together first I have better control over exactly how much of each ingredient is applied. Spice's on right in order of application.

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