Why You Should Trust BBQ Report

Why You Should Trust Us

Chris Johns started The BBQ Report to share his passion for everything grilling and meat-related. He’s traveled all around the United States, trying all the best barbecue recipes and learning the best techniques for grilling and smoking.

One of the primary lessons he’s learned on his travels is that there are almost as many techniques to prepare barbecue dishes as there are barbecue joints. From the juicy chopped pork sandwiches at Central Barbecue in Memphis to the unbelievable smoked ribs at Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, the world of barbecue is truly endless.

He’s also spent years trying out many different grills and barbecue tools, learning which is best for different needs, price points, and cooking techniques.

Our Team

Our team of product testers comes from various backgrounds and regions. Some are backyard warriors while others are professional competitive chefs. What unites us all is our love for barbecue and our desire to share barbecue knowledge with the world.

We thoroughly search the web to find the best grills and barbecue tools available today. Our team reviews all the top brands and products, looking for the best features for the most affordable prices. We don’t simply trust a brand’s marketing material; we vigorously test our products for durability, quality, and features to find the real truth.

The result is a comprehensive source of the best barbecue grill and product reviews available. At BBQReport.com, we hold each product to the highest standards. If it doesn’t pass our inspection, we don’t recommend it.

Our Review Process

Our Product Review Process

Although every BBQ Report team member is a barbecue enthusiast, our expert editors ensure that every review and guide is accurate. Our editors ensure that every one of our articles is unique, authoritative, accurate, and engaging.

Chris Johns reviews every article to ensure that it meets the highest editorial standards. He spends countless hours reviewing each review to ensure that each article is accurate, entertaining to read, and has the best photos available of each product.

This extensive editorial process ensures that every guide, recipe, and product review delivers the best experience for BBQ Report readers. You can trust The BBQ Report to provide the best and most up-to-date information about grilling and smoking so you can do what you really want to do: enjoy your barbecue and smoking times with your family and friends.